Sunday Funday!

Sunday Funday!

Tickle and Rupert went on their first non-wedding outing on Sunday to Slough swapmeet – to see all their veedub friends! It was a beautifully cold day to be driving up the M25!

It’s the second time we’ve been but, first time in our aircooled cars! Very busy event and parking…? Well that was tricky! It was lovely to see our Flat Four Family and some other friends though! Some beautiful cars on display and we saw another camper that looked just like Rupert! Baby blue and very cute!

It was a little touch and go if Tickle would make it as his battery was flat on Saturday after the cold snap! Nothing a trip to Halfords couldn’t sort though, and a quick spritz of finale and he was good to go! Angie and Jack drove Rupert and I followed in Tickle, even managed to avoid the hubcap that came off Rupert and freewheeled it’s way across 4 lanes of the M25! Luckily it didn’t hit any cars and beeched itself straight into the central reservation!

We had dinner with Kate’s dad and made the long journey home! Don’t know that we would go again next year as it was a long way to go unless you have something else planned, but was a nice final trip out for them this year!

That’s it for show season, but we have lots of wedding shows lined up for Tickle and Rupert.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday!

  1. Least you made it nice to see you shame about the hub cap did you buy a new one inside as there where some for sale

    1. Nice to see you too Marcus! Katie is looking as lovely as ever! Flat four posted a great picture of her today!

      I didn’t really look for a hubcap to be honest! Knowing me I’d get the wrong one!

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