Rupert’s Restoration – Part 1

Hey everyone

Sorry it’s been so long, in true sods law, our computer decided it no longer wanted to work anymore, and as you know deciding on a new computer can be, and is usually, traumatic at the best of times! Alas, we are now back in business with a shiny new laptop!

After exhibiting for the weekend at the Brighton and Eastbourne Wedding Spectacular at Brighton Racecourse on 6th and 7th of January, we took Rupert straight down to Bear Bodyworks in Portsmouth to commence his restoration.


Rupert was originally Pearl White, however, as Tickle is Lotus White we thought it would be lovely to have them sprayed the same colour so they can be hired as a matching pair! We love him blue but felt that a more neutral colour would be more appealing, not to mention more traditional!

Rupert – straight from wedding fair duties, complete with bow!

Jimmy at Bear Bodyworks has done a huge amount of the restoration work on Tickle, including his partial respray, metal work, suspension, wheels and engine transformation and while we aren’t going quite as crazy with Rupert, we are delighted Jimmy has taken on our beloved campervan to restore him back to his (almost) former glory! Tickle will be going in again this winter for the remaining restoration work and a bare metal repsray! I’ll save that for another blog post though!

Check out his website: – we highly recommend Jimmy’s work, be it a simple MOT or a full blown restoration, he is very reliable and his prices are very reasonable. He even keeps you updated as to how work is progressing, an absolute MUST if you’re anything like me!

Rupert when he went into Bear Bodyworks on 7th January 2018

We will be keeping you updated with updates as and when we receive them from Jimmy, and we are definitely looking forward to seeing Rupert back, slightly lowered and Lotus White!


Bye for now


Kate xx