The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

So you’re engaged? What’s next?

What do you do first? Who do you book? What does your dream wedding look like?

There’s so much to think about when planning a wedding, so Wed2b have put together this helpful, comprehensive guide to get you started with planning your ultimate wedding.

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Here’s some helpful tips to get you started:

12-48 months out

  1. Choose the date of your wedding
  2. Start thinking about your guest list so you can gauge numbers
  3. Decide on your wedding budget
  4. Choose a venue
  5. Get wedding insurance (very important!)
  6. Send your “save the dates”

12-18 months out

  1. Start shopping for your wedding dress, if you’re wearing one!
  2. Choose your colour palette or theme
  3. Book your florist, hair and makeup artists if these are important
  4. Hire your photographer
  5. Time to book your caterer
  6. Start thinking about your wedding car/ photobooth (if you have a specific one in mind they tend to book up quickly!)
  7. Consider booking a DJ or Band, or both!
  8. Post out or email your invites
  9. Consider if you need a wedding planner

6-12 months out

  1. Consider a wedding website, or a wedding gift list
  2. Shop for your bridesmaids or bridal party outfits
  3. Book any remaining wedding entertainment
  4. Plan your honeymoon! This is the exciting bit!
  5. Think about wedding party gifts
  6. Consider if you need a wedding planner or an “on the day coordinator”

3-6 months out

  1. Book your hair and make up trials
  2. Book your final dress fittings
  3. Ensure you’ve arranged your notice of marriage! Very imporant!
  5. Seating plans
  6. Check in with your suppliers if they haven’t made contact with you!
  7. Practice your first dance!
  8. Write your speeches

1 month out

  1. Check in again with your suppliers
  2. Book any beauty treatments (don’t have a facial too close to the wedding, you might break out!)
  3. If you have botox or fillers, make sure you’ve allowed enough time for these to settle before the big day!
  4. Check in with your wedding party, check the groomsmen have everything they need.

1 week out

  1. Break in your wedding shoes.
  2. Nails, hair colour, brows and lashes!
  3. If you can, take some time off work.
  4. Rest and get excited!
  5. Wedding rehearsals usually take place during this week.

The night before

  1. Go over your speeches.
  2. Pack anything you need for the day ahead, this will leave you with less things to worry about on the day.
  3. Get an early night!

On the day

  1. Wake up early (ish)!
  2. Make sure you eat something! You might not be eating for a while!
  3. Stay hydrated alongside the champagne!
  4. Arrive at just the right time! Not too early, not too late!
  5. Enjoy yourself and aim to make time for just the two of you througout the day.

Click HERE to view the full guide, download it and save it for future reference.

Hope these tips help, if you’ve got any questions, just hit the link below!