This one’s for you, Nan

Hi guys

Sorry we’ve been quiet recently, a few weeks ago I had the most devastating news. The passing of my beloved grandmother.

I won’t ramble on too much about that though, it’s still a very sad time, but also a time to focus on the future and all the happy thoughts and memories.

Some of you might know that I lived with Nan since the age of 9 1/2 and she was affectionately known as “The Cake Lady” in Ilminster, the little place where I grew up. She loved all things CAKE! Wedding cake, birthday cake, celebration cake, you name a cake, she could make it. I think she always hoped that I would follow in her footsteps and take on the wedding cake business she had skillfully built up over the years, quite honestly though, I didn’t have her patience! For over a decade, I watched her make possibly a million sugar roses of every variety and create complete masterpieces to adorn her beautifully handmade wedding and celebration cakes.

Thinking about it, I don’t know why it took me so long to find my way into weddings. I modelled wedding dresses, helped bake cakes, attended wedding fairs and even did my school work experience at our local wedding emporium, now called Prima Moda Brides. It was pretty much ingrained into my life from a young age!

Fast forward many years, probably more than I care to admit to, I had my beloved car, Mr Tickle restored and people began suggesting I hire him out for weddings! It had never occurred to me! He was just my little car! I remember telling her that I was setting up the business and how funny it was that after all these years of her being in the wedding business that I was finally following her into the profession.

So, Nan. Here’s to you! For inspiring me to do this, and believing I could!

Rest in Paradise.


Kate x