Mini Camper Van Bar

“Mini Peggy” our adorable mini camper van bar is the newest addition to Bus and Bug Vintage Weddings!

Don’t need wedding transport? Love a camper van photobooth but the photobooth won’t work at your venue? This super adorable bar is the perfect small addition for anyone who’d love a VW Camper van at their wedding but with endless possibilities!

Splitscreen campervan Bar pained in light grey and cream with an oak table top.
“Mini Peggy” set up at Tottington Manor, West Sussex
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Cake Stand
  • Dessert Stand
  • Guestbook Table
  • Audio Guestbook Platform
  • Self service Bar
  • Ice Cream Bar
  • Sweet/ Tuck Shop Bar
  • Venue Decoration/ Prop
  • Photobooth stand

“Mini Peggy” is made from a genuine front clip panel for a VW Splitscreen Camper Van and a bespoke, purpose built steel frame with a hand finished oak worktop, painted in the same colours as regular sized Peggy, Alpine White and Cirrus White. She is totally unique and we can guarantee that you won’t come across another one.

Whatever you’ve got in mind, get in touch to see how our “Mini Peggy” camper van bar can bring the iconic charm of a vintage VW to your event!

Prices start at £250 for full day hire.