I know it’s not strictly wedding related but….

I am so freakin’ excited for Christmas!

We have one more wedding to go on the 1st December, with our bride choosing Rupert as her wedding transport. She’s chosen a hunter green and pink theme for her day and we can’t wait! Love seeing all the different combinations of colours on our cars and this will lead nicely into Christmas!

When do you all put your trees up?

As a kid, my family never put the tree up early and although Christmas was special, I always felt we should have made more of it! I love the warmth and cosiness that Christmas decorations bring so I like to put mine up at the end of November. I love that December is for all things Christmas and I truly relish the time I get to spend with my (well Jack’s) family! Since making a a bespoken jewel coloured garland earlier this year for one of our beautiful brides, I’m obsessed! So this year the colour scheme is going more decadent and opulent. Gold, teal, plum + purple.

This year I’m going less traditional and more environmentally friendly. We already use as little plastic as possible in our cars, we use paper straws, water is supplied in swing top glass bottles and we only use satin ribbons but I will be using brown paper to wrap presents, brightened up with satin or hessian ribbons. Brown paper is widely recycled and the ribbons can be used again year after year! Just a few little changes here and there can really make a huge difference to our environment.

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It’s not just for Christmas, but it’s a start.

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x Kate x