Case study: Hants & IOW Southern Health Trust Wellness Festival

Firstly, what an incredibly amazing and forward thinking trust to work alongside, on two separate occasions!

Back in summer of 2022, Lucy from BeSure events got in touch with us in the hope of securing a camper van photobooth for the inaugural Southern Health Wellness Festival taking place in Eastleigh, Hampshire. With over 1000 delegates attending from all over the trust, it was a fantastic event, with workshops focussing on wellness, mindfulness and inclusion and diversity and a real focus on positive mental health across the trust. Delegates were able to take part in exercise classes, yoga and some incredible guest speakers, including Alice Liveing (PT and online influencer).

Our camper van photobooth was in place from the Sunday until the Wednesday evening – with nothing moving from the site in those four days. The event went without a hitch, we towed the camper down on the Sunday afternoon, in gale force winds no less and parked up on site, connected to power in readiness to set up for the event starting on Monday.

As we hadn’t been long out of Covid restrictions, the awards evening was sadly postponed, but took place later in the year at The Concorde Club in Eastleigh. It was amazing to see so many incredible people recognised for their work within the trust.

Huge thanks again to Lucy and the team at BeSure events for having us – it was our pleasure to provide our photobooth for both events.

To find out more about having one of our vehicles or photobooths at your event please contact Kate at or fill in our enquiry form by clicking the link below.

It’s been a while! #whataboutweddings

It really has been ages. I mean what do we talk about?

Weddings, that’s what!

It’s so encouraging that weddings are slowly starting to return to our lives, albeit in a much smaller, intimate form. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely devastated that 2020 has pretty much been written off and that lots of couples and suppliers are still facing the seemingly never-ending uncertainty about when weddings will be back to some kind of normal, but we are moving in the right direction and that can only be a good thing.

Now, without this getting too political, (believe me, I can rant for hours on this absolute s***show of a government) I wanted to tell you about #whataboutweddings.

Annabel Beeforth, founder of Love My Dress, has been working tirelessly behind the scenes with lots of high profile wedding bods, fighting for the wedding industry to reopen, or in fact, just some clarity about when we *might* be able to open in line with other industries that are already open for business. (Doesn’t seem quite fair that you can go to the pub surrounded by a whole premises full of people you don’t know from Adam, yet you still can’t have a wedding reception with your closest friends and family in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland…. but that’s for another time!)

I won’t be able to do it justice so please click on the link below, have a read and rally the troops! It’s time to make a stand. Write to your MP, write to local businesses, hell, write to your cats and dogs, just do it!!

Weddings are a multi-billion pound industry and this sad state of affairs is taking it’s toll. It’s estimated that £3billion has been lost this season already with up to 500,000 jobs at risk. This is big news for all of us, so lets do what we can to support the comeback.


Check out the hashtag #whataboutweddings on Instagram and get behind the movement. After all, we want weddings back, with a bang (eventually!)

In other news, we are working on a few new projects in the background, which we are excited to reveal soon along with a couple of “last minute” weddings booked in July and August, so plenty to keep us busy until the autumn where we look forward to meeting many more brides and grooms!

x Kate x