Pearl…..! Birthday Girl!

Our lovely girl Pearl turned 50 years old last week and weddings couldn’t be a better way to celebrate this milestone with people who love VW’s as much as we do! Ian has kindly contributed some little snippets of information to help you get to know Pearl even better!

Pearl in Pink!

Most people who own VW buses do so because they love them, and when you love them you generally get to know their little idiosyncrasies and their personality too! For instance Pearl is called Pearl after the colour of the van ‘Pearl White’ and the original VW paint code is L87. She loves to settle in at 45 mph and will cruise all day at that speed.

Ian and his wife Claire cruised in Pearl to Belgium in 2018 and attended the largest European VW car show at a place called Spa at the well known Francorchamps F1 race track and drove round the race track on Saturday afternoon but only at a little over 8mph!!!!

We sometimes think the old girl may be missing the sunny dry days of California where she spent 45 years of her life but as she celebrates her 50th birthday this month she certainly puts a smile on our faces and judging by the waves and smiles we get from others when we are out and about she brings joy to them too!!

At every wedding we do there is always genuine interest and lots of photos taken alongside her and at least one person who will say “I had one just like that”, which if we’re honest is one of the best things ever!

It’s so amazing that out little aircooled dubs can bring so much happiness into the world and it definitely makes all the hard work worth it!

The happy couple!

Pearl covers Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset – if you’re looking for an adorable wedding car, Pearl may be able to help. Please do get in touch for a quote <3

x Kate + Ian x