Rupert’s Restoration – Part 4

Hey guys

If you haven’t seen all the SPAM I’ve been putting out on social media, where have you even been?! I mean is this not the biggest thing to happen all year?

Well maybe not for you, but I’m literally buzzing about Rupert’s transformation!! I may be a little biased, but I think he looks gorgeous!

As the wedding fayre on Sunday at the White Swan was postponed due to the weather we decided to take Rupert back a bit sooner for his last finishing touches! A little bit of lowering, a different colour on the roof, a new colour coded dash and some cute little eyelids! So all being well, in just another week or so, he’ll be back – with hopefully a new place to live out of the cold too!


So what’s next you ask!

Well, we are teaming up with The Beauty Lounge in Findon and Proposals Bridal for a styled shoot with Leigh Harris from Ink Pixel which will be lovely! Hopefully it will be dry and sunny so we can create some gorgeous images! Check out Leigh’s work on Instagram @leighisinkpixel.

On 15th April we are headed to the Godalming Wedding Fair, organised by Caroline Stocking. You can check out their page @godalmingweddingfair. Excited much!

We have got so many plans this year, between car shows, weddings, wedding fairs and festivals we are going to be VERY busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Rupert’s Restoration Part 3

Hey everyone!

With hopefully just a few days until we get Rupert back from our good friends at Bear Bodyworks, we thought we’d show you a few more snaps of the work that’s well underway!

So, for our new readers, this is what he looked like before! We have to say that we loved him just as he was and we are a little sad to be losing the blue, BUT, he’s going to look so gorgeous matching our little Beetle, not to mention more versatile. TIMELESS!


This is some of the work that’s been happening this week. Jimmy has been an absolute star in making Rupert just how we asked, to our exact specification. (I’m very fussy!)

There are of course, a few other things happening this week:

We are swapping out the bucket seats for original bay seats and fitting a new carpet set, along with getting him lowered and a few other cosmetic changes.

Shout out to Surrey Auto Works too for the roof rack too! Can’t wait to get that painted up this weekend ready for the wedding fair this weekend!

I’ll update you again at the weekend!

In the meantime, check out our friends on Instagram:






x Kate x


Upcoming Events – Wedding Fairs, shows and photobooth demos!

Hey everyone!

So, with just a couple of weeks before we get Rupert back, which we are totes excited about, obviously, we have a few events booked in, some wedding stuff and some show stuff!

First up, we are exhibiting at the wedding fair at The White Swan in Arundel on Sunday 18th March! This is a lovely venue, with amazing food so we’ll definitely be tucking into a carvery after the event! Nom nom nom! We are hoping Rupert will be back by then so will have both wedding cars there and hopefully be demo-ing our new photobooth, come and see us and get your picture taken with some silly props in our beautiful bus booth!

On 24th/25th March 2018 you can find Tickle on the VW Heritage Heretics stand at the Volksworld Show at Sandown Park!

Next up is the Godalming Wedding Fair on Sunday 15th April! This is the first fair of its kind in Godalming, Surrey and we are delighted to have been invited by the show’s organiser Caroline!

Last but not least, Tickle will be at Stanford Hall VW Show in Leicestershire on Sunday 6th May with our Flat Four Friends, Laura and Neilroy (and family!) They have supported us since day one and we are over the moon they want our little bug on their stand again for the second year running!

Flat four are a thriving brand, dedicated to the aircooled VW scene, producing authentic hand pulled garments, including hoodies, tees, beanies, snapbacks and jackets. We basically live in their stuff so can vouch for the quality!

Check them out

You can also find them on Instagram



The White Swan Wedding Fair, Arundel – 18th March 2018
Volksworld Show, Sandown Park – 24th/25th March 2018
The Godalming Wedding Fair, Godalming – 15th April 2018
Standford Hall VW Show – Sunday 6th May 2018


Hope to see you soon!


Kate x


Rupert’s Restoration – Part 2

Hey guys and gals

Little update on Rupert, he’s in the process of being stripped back and sorting out some little rust holes. Nothing to drastic fortunately!

We are so grateful to Jimmy at Bear Bodyworks squeezing Rupert in at the busiest time of year but all being well he should be finished ready for our second wedding fair of the year with White Rolls Royce Wedding Car at The White Swan in Arundel on Sunday 18th March!

He looks so sad!

In addition to the metal work and respray, Rupert will be getting some original front seats recovered to match, a new biscuit squareweave carpet, whitewalls for his tyres and some cute little eyelids!

To say I’m excited is an actual understatement. He’s going to look so amazing!

After that it’s Tickle’s turn. MOT and getting a new spare wheel sprayed in candy metal flake along with a repair to his offside rear wheel that was damaged by a tyre fitter last year. Ugh!

x Kate x



New for 2018! PHOTOBOOTH!

While Rupert is away being resprayed at Bear Bodyworks in Portsmouth, we have been busy behind the scenes getting ready for the upcoming wedding season!

If you haven’t used this app already, it’s freakin cool! We used the app to create a digital representation of what Rupert will look like when he comes home – although we are going to keep the wheels white for now, Check out Bus Generator and Beetle Generator on your app store!

Next up, the gorgeous Leigh at Ink Pixel has kindly redesigned our logo to match Rupert’s new colour!

Leigh has designed both our logo and our flyers and they are both perfect! She has an incredible knack for interpreting what I mean even when it doesn’t make any sense! Check her out on Instagram @leighisinkpixel

AND NOW FOR THE BIGGEST NEWS! Bus and Bug Vintage Weddings do PHOTOBOOTH! And not just any photobooth! We are working with an amazing company based in Cornwall, to develop a fully portable device that can be used in our Bus or Bug AND outside! A super cool addition for your wedding, party or corporate event!

Our booth comes with a smiley attendant, overflowing with props and instant prints! We can even provide a green screen with a choice of awesome backgrounds! Booking from April 2018!! Please contact us for details and prices – Package prices will be up on the website soon!

Hoping to update everyone soon on Rupert’s progress and fingers crossed he will be finished in the first week of March, just in time to take Tickle in for his MOT and a few other little bits!

Exciting times!

Have a great weekend loves


Kate xx




Rupert’s Restoration – Part 1

Hey everyone

Sorry it’s been so long, in true sods law, our computer decided it no longer wanted to work anymore, and as you know deciding on a new computer can be, and is usually, traumatic at the best of times! Alas, we are now back in business with a shiny new laptop!

After exhibiting for the weekend at the Brighton and Eastbourne Wedding Spectacular at Brighton Racecourse on 6th and 7th of January, we took Rupert straight down to Bear Bodyworks in Portsmouth to commence his restoration.


Rupert was originally Pearl White, however, as Tickle is Lotus White we thought it would be lovely to have them sprayed the same colour so they can be hired as a matching pair! We love him blue but felt that a more neutral colour would be more appealing, not to mention more traditional!

Rupert – straight from wedding fair duties, complete with bow!

Jimmy at Bear Bodyworks has done a huge amount of the restoration work on Tickle, including his partial respray, metal work, suspension, wheels and engine transformation and while we aren’t going quite as crazy with Rupert, we are delighted Jimmy has taken on our beloved campervan to restore him back to his (almost) former glory! Tickle will be going in again this winter for the remaining restoration work and a bare metal repsray! I’ll save that for another blog post though!

Check out his website: – we highly recommend Jimmy’s work, be it a simple MOT or a full blown restoration, he is very reliable and his prices are very reasonable. He even keeps you updated as to how work is progressing, an absolute MUST if you’re anything like me!

Rupert when he went into Bear Bodyworks on 7th January 2018

We will be keeping you updated with updates as and when we receive them from Jimmy, and we are definitely looking forward to seeing Rupert back, slightly lowered and Lotus White!


Bye for now


Kate xx

Bus and Bug at The White Swan, Arundel


I have a bit of catching up to do with our blogs really, can’t really quite believe it’s less than a week until Christmas!!

Three weeks ago, Bus and Bug tootled up to The White Swan in Arundel for their last wedding fair of the year, it was a lovely and bright but very cold day, probably not the best day to be standing outside but still! Perhaps we will look into some indoor stands for next years shows!

We were kindly invited by Jo at The White Swan and Phil who owns ‘White Rolls Royce Wedding Car’, and we were also accompanied by Steve Norgate of Coastal Chauffeur with his beautiful bay window wedding campervan. Sad to say it wasn’t a particularly busy event, probably due to the cold weather but it gave us LOTS of time to chat! Ha! Phil is such a character, and his car is beautiful! If you’re looking for a Rolls Royce, he’s your man!

Looking forward to seeing Jo again at her next show in 2018 and doing a few more shows with Phil and Steve, we did have a jolly good time!

Signing off now!


Kate x

This one’s for you, Nan

Hi guys

Sorry we’ve been quiet recently, a few weeks ago I had the most devastating news. The passing of my beloved grandmother.

I won’t ramble on too much about that though, it’s still a very sad time, but also a time to focus on the future and all the happy thoughts and memories.

Some of you might know that I lived with Nan since the age of 9 1/2 and she was affectionately known as “The Cake Lady” in Ilminster, the little place where I grew up. She loved all things CAKE! Wedding cake, birthday cake, celebration cake, you name a cake, she could make it. I think she always hoped that I would follow in her footsteps and take on the wedding cake business she had skillfully built up over the years, quite honestly though, I didn’t have her patience! For over a decade, I watched her make possibly a million sugar roses of every variety and create complete masterpieces to adorn her beautifully handmade wedding and celebration cakes.

Thinking about it, I don’t know why it took me so long to find my way into weddings. I modelled wedding dresses, helped bake cakes, attended wedding fairs and even did my school work experience at our local wedding emporium, now called Prima Moda Brides. It was pretty much ingrained into my life from a young age!

Fast forward many years, probably more than I care to admit to, I had my beloved car, Mr Tickle restored and people began suggesting I hire him out for weddings! It had never occurred to me! He was just my little car! I remember telling her that I was setting up the business and how funny it was that after all these years of her being in the wedding business that I was finally following her into the profession.

So, Nan. Here’s to you! For inspiring me to do this, and believing I could!

Rest in Paradise.


Kate x

To spray or not to spray? That is the question

Hey y’all!

This week’s blog post is dedicated to our 1970 bay window camper van and we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Rupert is currently an unknown shade of baby blue and while he looks totally fabulous, we have been tinkering with the idea of having him resprayed Lotus White to match Mr Tickle.

It’s such a hard decision as he’s just so lovely as he is, but we think he would be so much more “weddingy’ being creamy white. At least being a paler colour we can cater to all colour schemes and have a variety of different ribbons, bows and flowers! That can only be a good thing surely!

We found this cool app called Bus Generator (they do a beetle one too!) which we used to come up with this image of Rupert with the same colours as Tickle! So awesome! We think we love him cream <3

Would be great to hear what you all think!


x Kate x

Sunday Funday!

Sunday Funday!

Tickle and Rupert went on their first non-wedding outing on Sunday to Slough swapmeet – to see all their veedub friends! It was a beautifully cold day to be driving up the M25!

It’s the second time we’ve been but, first time in our aircooled cars! Very busy event and parking…? Well that was tricky! It was lovely to see our Flat Four Family and some other friends though! Some beautiful cars on display and we saw another camper that looked just like Rupert! Baby blue and very cute!

It was a little touch and go if Tickle would make it as his battery was flat on Saturday after the cold snap! Nothing a trip to Halfords couldn’t sort though, and a quick spritz of finale and he was good to go! Angie and Jack drove Rupert and I followed in Tickle, even managed to avoid the hubcap that came off Rupert and freewheeled it’s way across 4 lanes of the M25! Luckily it didn’t hit any cars and beeched itself straight into the central reservation!

We had dinner with Kate’s dad and made the long journey home! Don’t know that we would go again next year as it was a long way to go unless you have something else planned, but was a nice final trip out for them this year!

That’s it for show season, but we have lots of wedding shows lined up for Tickle and Rupert.